Being a little mindful

As I go on in this class, I have learned many things.  However, one thing that I recently learned was how to be more mindful. Learning how to be more mindful, specifically especially during when I meet someone from another culture.  I might not understand everything that they do, and there might be something that I disagree with, but now, I will always try to be mindful of the other persons culture, and the other persons feelings about my own.

After doing the video project, I learned how to be more mindful of other cultures.  It opened my eyes on how I should look at another persons culture, and how to look within at myself to see how these people can view my own culture as “weird” or not out of the ordinary.  However, over the course of my twenty years here on the Earth, I have always liked to think that I have always been at least somewhat mindful of other people, and other cultures.  One of the things that I do, especially if I am going to a place where I have never been before is do a little bit of research about that new place.  I look to see what the people there are like, and general do’s and dont’s in the country.  For example, earlier this semester I travelled to Sweden for the first time, and I did not know much about the people and the culture there besides the normal stereotypes about Sweden and Swedish people.  So, I wanted to learn more before I went there.  I spent about 1-2 hours learning more about Stockholm, some of the history, and even tried to learn a few words in Swedish before I went there.  So while I have learned more ways to try and be more mindful of new people that I encounter, I would like to think that I have always been pretty mindful when it comes to learning a new culture.