What I Learned While Abroad

Well what can I say other than this past semester in London has been an incredible experience.  I got to live in a new place, in one of the biggest and most known cities in the world, and grew a whole lot as a person.  After living on my own with no parents, and just roommates in our flat just around the corner from Oxford Circus, I have learned how to do many more things around the house.  DIY work especially.  I can not cook more things for myself, and feel that I am completely capable of living on my own without my parents being around.

While here in London I also encountered many different people from many different cultural backgrounds from myself.  I have made many new friends from many different places scattered around Europe, and some of these places include Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and of course England.  After meeting all of these people, I learned a lot about their cultures, where they come from, and how to be more culturally accepting of people.  Even if what I think they do is a little bit weird or completely different from what I, or most Americans (or Italians) would do, I just learned how to accept it and move on.  Take more of a laid back approach, and learn how to accept people for who they are and where they come from.  An example is when I went to Sweden and played the personal space dance with a Swede who was clearly uncomfortable.  I took what I learned in class, saw that he was uncomfortable, apologized, and was being more mindful of it after that.  The old me would have just carried on what I was doing.

This semester has been very eye opening for me, but this is not it.  I get to go home for the holidays and in mid-January I will find myself back in this lovely city!  I can’t wait!