CQ Test Results and findings

Going into this weeks assignment, and after living in London for about a month and a half now, I am starting to feel like I am becoming a Londoner more and more everyday.  I feel like I am slowly starting to adapt to life here fully (even though my transition is not as big because some of my family lived in London for about 5 years).  I have also travelled a little bit with a weekend trip to Stockholm, Sweden not to long ago so I had the opportunity to get stuck in with another culture.  However, after taking this CQ test which analyses your cultural intelligence, I find that I still have some work to do in order to achieve full cultural competence.

My main problem is not a lack of confidence.  I have a bundle of confidence when I am meeting someone for the first time from another cultural background, which is proven by having friends on five different continents (not to be brash, or arrogant).  My problem is adapting to how I can manage my emotions, and the ways I express myself in a culture that is different from my own.  I tend to be very animated, use my hands a lot to talk, and stand close to people so they can get what I am saying.  It is just what I do, and it is how I was brought up really.  So something that I need to work on is the way I express myself and the concept of personal space.  I also have a habit of slowing down my speech pattern when I speak to someone from another culture or language.  I do this to insure that they understand or at least somewhat understand what I am saying.

However, I am very confident in my abilities to befriend someone from another culture.  In my mind, I do not view them as “strangers”, I view them as a potential friend.  I also say “hey, they are in the same situation as me, we both don’t know each other, so we might as well try to get to know each other a little bit.” It comes from the outgoing mentality I was born with and the fact that in my cultural background that I was brought up in.  So that being said, we all can aspire to be perfect when it comes to understanding others, and their cultural norms, but nobody can or will be perfect.  We all have our faults and we must work on them to become completely competent.