The Value of Family and Community

One of the values that I was brought up with was the value of family, and friends come first over everything.  I love my family very much, and would do anything for them, no matter where I am.  To me without family and friends, you don’t have anything to live for.  Coming from a society that is highly individualistic (USA) I do not often understand how people live for their work, or can easily go through life without contact with family or friends.  While to a degree I am individualistic, I always keep in contact with family, and my close friends.  I might be across an ocean, but I always take some time out of my day to talk to someone back home and tell them about London and how much I love it. I am a family oriented young man, and will do anything for my best friends at home.  Those guys are like my 5 brothers from other mothers.  While this value is considered good by many people in many cultures, this value can also have some flaws or negative aspects.

A negative to this value can be the fact that as far as a career goes, maybe I will not be a CEO, or not be at the top of the totem pole where people make millions of dollars a year.  However, I am perfectly fine with this.  I do not mind sacrificing a little bit of money for the one’s that I love the most.  People can also think that I only do things through my family, or through family connections.  This is not a fair judgement, but it can be one of the negative aspects about being close and loving your family very much.  As for living in a place where family is not very important, I do not think I could be able to do it.  However, another aspect about my personality is I always like a new challenge.  So I would want to put this to the test at some point.  In the end, I will always love my family, and my best friends since childhood no matter what people say or think about me.


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