My Research Findings

During my class last week we were supposed to create a survey, and pass it around to anyone from outside the United States.  The point of the survey was to gather information from the participants about what they thought of Americans or the American lifestyle.  My partner and I made a survey on the website survey, and it consisted of seven questions ranging from politics, social etiquette, and the outlook for the United States in the future.

After the survey was made, we put it out online, and we asked some of our friends to do it.  In total we received twelve responses to our questions, and most of the responses were clear.  I went into the survey thinking that the responses would be somewhat varied.  However, many of the responses were actually somewhat negative towards the United States.  When asked if the United States would be the leading power in ten years time, the answer from the multiple people that responded was a resounding NO.  It was very  surprising to me because I am so used to the United States being the leading power in the world.  Most of the respondents ended up slating the United States, however most of the same people said that the United States is doing a good job in the world.

What I learned from this is that I believe if people are allowed to be anonymous they will be more open to answering your questions.  I also believe that when we see people through culture, we can become blinded by stereotypes.  Until you actually meet many people from that place, or you have at the very least visited the culture/country in question, you should reserve judgement.  I have also seen that people generally don’t “hate” Americans, they hate more of the political side of the United States.  That being said, Americans should do more to learn about the world, and be open to many different opinions.

Feel free to follow my blog!  Until next week, cheers guys!


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