Neutral or Emotional

Today I will be discussing one of the aspects that Trompenaars uses when he is looking to differentiate between cultures.  One of the aspects that he looks at is if a culture shows emotions or not.  This is one of many things he looks at when he tries to tell the differences between cultures.  However, I want to talk about this one because in my culture, you are taught to be very expressive, and show your emotions, but sometimes people can be appalled by you showing emotions.

As you probably know now, I am of Italian dissent.  Everybody in my family is very expressive, and does not like to keep their emotions hidden.  Sometimes we don’t even have to speak if we want to show some displeasure.  We just make facial reactions or make our hands to the talking for us.  Now where this Italian expressiveness comes into play is when I was younger, I would really not be afraid to show emotions or what I was feeling about a person or a thing.

When I was younger, lets just say I wasn’t the best loser.  If I lost a game I would get really angry and throw a temper tantrum.  This came into effect when my football (soccer) team lost a very important game, and we were eliminated from a tournament.  I as you imagine was very upset and outwardly expressed my displeasure in throwing a fit, and well I hate to say it but I shed a tear as well.  My manager at the time was from Germany.  Now if you know Germans, in general they do not show emotion of any kind that much. So as my manager saw me throwing this fit, he went up to me, and very sternly said…”STOP IT,  If you keep this up, you will not play in the next match!” He did not accept me showing my emotions. Now, I would like to think that I don’t get that upset anymore over things, but I still always show my emotions whether it is through my actions, facial expressions, or in my hands.  Until next week, Cheers guys!

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